Diet and Nutrition Classes

Not knowing what to eat, how much to eat or what healthy food options you can choose from when having PCOS is always difficult.

When trying to diet, we tend to think why don’t we try diet trends such as KETO, low carb, clean eating, mind diet and much more.

While some of these trends may have a positive result on you, it might not work for the long term.

Therefore, here at PCOS Relief, we will focus on the below in order to achieve successful long term results and we will be able to educate you about healthy eating.

Therefore, we will focus on the below

Recording, measuring and goal settingCalories intake and outtake
Eating out and on the goRelationship between food and mood
Hunger, snacks, and labelsActivity and inactivity
Getting organisedFeeling confident within yourself
This is not a dietSleep and eater type
Preparing for the futureThe next steps