Weight Management Classes

One of the major health condition a female can experience when being diagnosed with PCOS is the challenge with weight, this can be Obesity, stubborn fats, bloating and the difficulty with losing weight.

At PCOS Relief, we understand, having access to weight management support will assist you in self managing your conditions.

Therefore, here at PCOS Relief, we will focus on the below in order to support females managing their weight struggles as well as their condition.

At PCOS Relief, we run a 12-week Weight Management programme, and in those 12 weeks, we will focus on the following:

In-door and Outdoor ActivitiesStrengthen
CardioMuscular Endurance
StretchesExercising at Home
How to work out on the goWeights

Classes will run from Monday to Saturday allowing everyone to attend one class each week that is suitable for them for the next 12 weeks.