PCOS Awareness within Community areas

One of PCOC Relief’s purposes is to promote Equality and Diversity, therefore it is crucial we raise awareness of PCOS within Ethnic Minority communities.

We understand there is already a huge amount of stigma when talking about Women’s Health in general within certain communities, therefore we want to support individuals by educating them about this condition and raising awareness, also allowing the individual to know where and how to access support in confidence.

We aim to provide reassurance, that every female who is apart of PCOS Relief will be treated with dignity and respect and trust that all their details and information will be treated as private and confidence.

Our approach to any community is not to over-step any boundaries as we understand, Women Health is a sensitive and private conversation, however, our approach is only to provide awareness, support, guidance, information, and our services.

This condition is a long term health condition, which currently does not have a cure or cause, therefore, we need to support every female despite their background and break the stigma